Impact Maker - A Dedicated Marketplace for Sustainability Experts
07 Aug

Impact Maker - A Dedicated Marketplace for Sustainability Experts

The digital economy is increasingly shaping the next generation of society, with companies looking to embed sustainability into their business models — as sustainability, today, is a standard framework for businesses. Otherwise, they might risk failure as paying attention to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) related challenges is critical for organizations across all industries.

Further, as information becomes more easily available, investors are becoming more aware of the internals of previously obscured organizations. So, there is an increased call for action for companies to take. When an organization carefully, and responsibly creates a strategy that aims to promote sustainability, it opens its doors to positive impact. This is where Impact Maker, a recently launched marketplace comes in.

Impact Maker is a one-stop marketplace for sustainability talents to showcase their skills and expertise. It aims to make quality connections between entrepreneurs and businesses with sustainability talents, regardless of gender, socio-economic background, ethnicity, and so on, and also to drive global change towards sustainability through the collective knowledge of top talents.

Impact Maker has an extremely intuitive interface using which sustainability talents can easily register themselves on the platform. Even the payment processing methods are secure. Through this platform, the founder wanted to harness the power of technology for a sustainable future as the world is in dire straits and inaction will take us all down a painful path.

Distinctive Benefits of Impact Maker:

  • Stronger professional network
  • Opportunities for brand building
  • Get more projects
  • Global reach
  • Cost-effective
  • Time-saving


About Impact Maker - This is a newly launched marketplace that connects public institutions, businesses, and entrepreneurs with sustainability experts. By using the marketplace platform, entrepreneurs can find, hire and work with top sustainability talents who can guide them with solutions that are optimal for the environment and also good for their businesses. Services offered include ESG Reporting & Disclosure, Carbon Accounting, Auditing, EU Taxonomy, Supply Chain Due Diligence and more.

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