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Talent & Service Agency Role
What is service agency or talent persona? Can agencies showcase their collective talents on Impact Maker? How can I showcase my talents on Impact Maker? Is talent limited to specific industries or areas on Impact Maker? How does showcasing my talent on Impact Maker benefit me? Is there a specific format for showcasing talents on Impact Maker?
Client Role (Cooperate, Public Institutions, Start-Up Founders, Investors)
What does it mean to be a client on Impact Maker? Who qualifies as an Impact Maker client, and what roles do they typically represent? How does being an Impact Maker client benefit different personas? How can Impact Maker help me find the right talent for my projects? What types of services can I explore on Impact Maker? Is Impact Maker only for large enterprises, or can start-ups benefit as well? How does the community aspect of Impact Maker work? How can I get started on Impact Maker?